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                                                   "Where you learn doesn't matter, What you learn does"       

Question What are your thoughts when facing an opponent?
Brucelee: There is no opponent.
Question: Why is that?
Brucelee: Because the word ''l'' does not exist.
A good fight should be like a small play...but played seriously. When the opponent expands, l contract. When he contracts, l expand. And when there is an opportunity... l do not hits all by itself (shows his fist).

        Guru Manikandan who trained in several martial arts for past 22 yrs in Karate, Muaythai,Muay boran, Filipino Kyusho, Boxing, Brazilian juijitsu( BJJ),Wing chun, judo and few other martial arts from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Hongkong, United Kingdom and created a new way of self defense which could be very easy & effective to use in real survival situations. After his observation from his different types of students he came to know what people need. So he Created Yutha sasthiram (Fight Science) which is the MMA(Mixed Martial Art). Yutha sasthiram is also as same as Jeet KuneDo which was found by Brucelee.We also follow Brucelee's way of Martial-art and Philosophy to learn how to defend one self and also how to build one's character. It is not only like a combat program it is like studies. people learn each and every movement with understanding the science behind the movement. 

     There are 3different types of martial arts in the world

1. Sports Martial arts (MMA, Muaythai, Kickboxing, etc.)
2. Traditional Martial arts ( Kungfu, Karate, Judo,etc.)
3. Reality based martial arts ( JKD, Krav maga, systama etc.)



In yutha sasthiram style we focus on all aspects, the one who practice Yutha sasthiram can go to the tournaments of different styles,

They can train their mind and soul as a traditional martial art.

We mainly focus on real situations for street survival to fight against one to one or multiple attackers with or without weapons and against armed person, figting against different types of martial arts when it is necessary.


                                   ABOUT LEARN TO WIN- DOJO
YouTube Video
YouTube Video
Training and Teaching video of  Guru Manikandan  Founder of Yutha sasthiram(Fight Science)
VI dan Blackbelt , Isshinryu Karate, Japan
Vth Dan Blackbelt, Freestyle karate, USA
Certified Muaythai Instructor , Thailand
Only Recognized Filipino kyusho instructor, UK

FightBack  Combat Academy

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Filipino Kyusho Association
, United kingdom
Isshinryu World Karate Association 

Okinawa Isshinryu Karate & Kobudo Association

Isshinryu Tomunokai Association
AFFILIATED with Sor.Vorapin Muaythai gym, Thailand

                                     Founder of Yutha sathiram

Guru Manikandan was born in chennai on 1981 july 21. He is the only martialart trainer in india who travelled several countries and trained in several martialarts and teach his students all styles together. He started his Martial art training in the year of 1997 in the age of 17. He started learning Boxing in 1997. Due to his studies he was not able to continue his training. Then he joined in Isshinryu Karate School in chennai in the year of 1998.His Sensei was Mr. Manivel. He learned the art dedicatedly with hard trainings. He got his First Dan Black belt in 2001. He continued his training and got 2nd and 3rd Dan Blackbelts. Then He got 4th Dan Blackbelt from Okinawa Isshinryu Karate & Kobudo Association in 2009. He went to china in march 2012 and took kungfu and wushu training. And also he got instructor level training in Muaythai(Thai Boxing) in Bangkok in Nov2012. Since 2012 he travelled to Thailand for more than 18 time until 2019 and received his instructor level certification, and pad holder certification in Bangkok. He also trained in Muay boran in thailand. He trained BJJ in thailand from Professor Hans Hutton(Germany). And latestly he trained Filiphino Kyusho martial art in United kingdom in Aug2017, Jan2018 and Aug2019 from grand master Angelo Baldissone and received his Advanced instructor certification and the Only Blackbelt in India in Filipino Kyusho Martial arts. Guru Manikandan started His own Martial art school In the Name of Learn To Win - Martialart School in 2004 and started teaching Yutha sasthiram, Filipino Kyusho,  Muaythai, Mixed Martial Art and Karate. The concept of the Learn to win school is to provide Quality martial art in Disciplined way

What is MMA(Mixed Martial Art)
A SPORT that consists in the regulated hand to hand combat of 2 athletes trained in various forms of martial arts. An MMA Fighter is an athlete who trains himself to learn and use the best techniques from different martial arts (Muay Thai, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, and Sambo) and conditions himself with the best strength and conditioning methods to enter the octagon or cage and compete against another athlete under similar conditions to see who the best is. At the end of the bout, the athlete who learnt the most techniques and was able to apply them correctly and was better conditioned will prevail. That to me is a SPORT. Similar to football, were the NFL athletes have to study playbooks, conditioned themselves, come up with a game plan and apply their knowledge on the field to win a game, MMA athletes do the same to win a bout. Today it would be ignorant to think otherwise, MMA is a Sport and has become a lifestyle as well. Clothing lines, training gear, training facilities, nutrition are all now part of the sport culture.

Now like anything else, it is important to know where it came from. We all know that we have many different styles of martial arts out there: Muay Thai, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Sambo, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, etc. even those crazy big guys - Sumo. These styles have fought against their own members, but no one ever thought of putting them to the test against other styles. Not until the Gracie family brought the UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship to the USA. Although we have to mention that before The Ultimate Fighting Championship, as early as the 1920?s, there have been Vale Tudo matches in Brazil and some other parts of the world. But never until the UFC clearly shown martial art style vs. martial art style to determine which one was the most effective. In the early days of the Octagon, you could easily see that a Boxer would go against an opponent who was a Karate master or a Kung fu expert Or a man weighting 250lbs go against one weighting 170lbs. This was the early days of the UFC where the Gracie family showed that Jiu Jitsu was the best martial art style to know by winning 3 of the first 4 UFC tournaments. Although, in my personal opinion, it would have been a little different if Bruce Lee had been around or maybe even happened sooner. Not saying he would have defeated Royce, but even though he was older when the UFC came around something tells me he would have gotten involved somehow or even had a protégé compete. Bruce Lee in his days was the first one  to talk about MMA by insisting that a fighter should be well rounded, know a little bit from every style and how to defend it. He developed techniques to fight standing as well as some ground and submission techniques. That is why he used to say he could defend any style.


Here is where the reality kicks in: only those who master different styles of fighting, both stand-up and ground techniques, close-up and long striking techniques, would be become successful, long term, inside an Octagon. Fighters realized that they couldnt compete just knowing one style and then: Boom! - That is where MMA comes in. Mixed Martial Arts. You had to be a great kick boxer, judo, boxer, Kung Fu, to be successful. Initially, most fights were fought standing up, except the ones involving Jiu Jitsu fighters. Nowadays, fights can end on both ways because everyone is aware of every aspect of the game.

But in Learn to win Martial art school We teach MMA as a Traditional martial art like karate,Kungfu but with MMA skills. we teach Decipline & Humanity and we teach to use the art for survival in life not as sport.


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