PRICE-FightBack Combat Academy

$ Fee $

Group Training

 Yutha Sasthiram   (MMA)      -  Rs.2000 / Month

   Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)       -   Rs.2000 / Month 

      Kick Boxing                        -     Rs.2000 / Month  

Filipino Kyusho Martial arts - Rs.2500 / Month

Jeet Kune Do                       - Rs.2500 / month

  karate                                -   Rs. 1000 / Month

            Yoga                                 -   Rs.2000 / Month ( 4sessions a week)

Personal Training in Mandaveli Dojo - Rs.7000/ Month(8Classes)

Home Training ( 5Km surronding Mandaveli) - Rs.8000/Month(8 classes)

Zoom class for any style            -   Rs.1000 per session

Iaido 3 month course(24 session) - Rs.22,000 ( Need to Buy a Bokken and a katana seperatly) (personal Training in Mandaveli Dojo)                                          

   *INTENSIVE COURSES*(Group Training)
We provide one Year Intensive course in  Yutha sasthiram, MMA, Filipino kyusho martial arts, Jeet kune do, karate and Muaythai for who want to finish the course quickly with hard work and dedication, may be wants to become an Martial art instructor. The course is not like buying the belt and certificate for money. you will be sweat and stink after each and every session you attend. You would never forget your achievement of getting the belt and certificate. whoever join in incentive course should be attending at least 5 group classes per week. There will be no compromising in the performance of the students just because they are learning in fast track. The intensive course fee is including one year training and grading fees of all levels. And one set of Uniform and Weapons. It may go more than one year to get your black-belt if you need more perfection. we give 6 more fees free training in your incentive course to achieve it, if you con't able to make it in one year. 
Karate Intensive course Fees Rs.35,000 one time payment
(Including Grading fees)
Yutha sasthiram or MMA course Fees Rs.40,000 one time payment              
(Including Grading fees)     
Muaythai one year intensive course fees Rs.35,000 one time payment ( including 4 level grading Fees)

Filipino kyusho all 4 levels ( 1yr duration) Rs. 80,000. it is Rs.20,000 per level ( weekly 4 sesseions in Group class) for personal training the personal training fees will be applicable.