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Learn real Muaythai/ Thai Boxing from the Trainer Manikandan who went to Thailand Several time and learned from Muaythai Champions. Sensei Manikandan who is the Only indian trainer Learned Muaythai in thailand in long term and received his trainer certification and affiliation from Thiland to teach Muaythai in india.

Kru Manikandan with world muaythai champion Bhukaw's gym in the year of 2014.

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 The history of Muay Thai is interwoven with the history of the Thai people. A gentle, peace-loving people, for centuries Thais had to defend themselves and their land from aggressive powers. They developed a form of close, hand-to-hand combat best suited for the kind of rough-terrain battle they were fighting. Over time it became a rite passage for Thai men to take up training in this martial art. King Naresuan the Great (1555-1605), one of the country’s most celebrated warrior-heroes, is believed to have been an excellent boxer himself, and it was he who made Muay Thai a required part of military training. Another milestone in the history of Muay Thai was the triumph of Nai Khanom Tom over 10 Burmese boxers in 1774. Taken captive after the Thai capital fell in 1767, Nai Khanom Tom was picked to fight before the Burmese king. After defeating ten of them in a row, he was freed and returned home a hero. Learning the military arts or “Muay Thai” became engrained in the culture of the early Siamese people. With the constant threat of war, training centers slowly began to appear throughout the kingdom. These were the first Muay Thai camps. Young men practiced the art form for various reasons: self-defense, exercise, discipline; monks even instructed at many Buddhist temples, passing down knowledge and history from one generation to theNext.    

Students From Different Countries Learning in Chennai Learn to Win Muaythai Gym

    Micheal ( France)                                             Dani (France)                                                     Elodi (France) 


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                                                                                                                           Yusuke san ( Japan)                                                      Jerimi ( USA)                                           MattRees (UK)                                                

Asumus & Ditmer (Dutch)                                       Sabestien & Mesut (Turkey)                                                  Train a Thai girl in Bangkok